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More aircraft for the money than any mid-sized jet on the market today!
The Citation Sovereign is the best combination of size, comfort, range and price in aviation history. It will take you coast to coast without refueling. It will cruise at speeds of up to 446 knots (513 mph) and operate in and out of runways as short as 3,694 feet. It will seat as many as 12 passengers, providing a more spacious cabin and larger external baggage compartment than any other traditional midsize business jet. Yet it costs less to operate and is priced millions below anything comparable in size and performance. A truly sensible Citation.
Still Time to Choose Paint and some Options! RVSM Manual plus 5 Pilot and 3 Mechanic Training Slots Included in Price! Qualifies for bonus depreciation!*
Q3 2009 Delivery!

Year: 2009
Manufacturer: CESSNA
Price: Call for details
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Condition: NEW
Serial Number: TBD
Registration Number: TBD
Flight Rules: VFR
Number Of Seats: 9

2,664 nm (4,937 km) IFR with 8 passengers and full fuel 2,921 nm (5,413 km) IFR with 2 passengers and full fuel

47,000 ft (14,326 m) maximum certified

Max Cuise Speed:
458 KTAS (848 km/hr), 35,000 ft (10,668 m) and 21,000 lbs (9,525 kg)

Runway Length:
Landing 2,650 ft (808 m) at MLW
Takeoff 3,640 ft (1,109 m) at MTOW

Baggage Capacity:
100 ft3 (2.83 m3)

Max Payload:
2,650 lbs

The Sovereign's double-club seating arrangement enables eight passengers to sit in two groups of four, with an additional seat toward the front of the cabin

Engine Specs:
Powered by (2) new-generation Pratt & Whitney PW306C engines, the new Citation Sovereign handles runways that other midsize jets cannot touch. Prepare to use many smaller, less-crowded airports that are often close to your actual destination.

Two Pratt & Whitney PW306C
Takeoff thrust 5,770 lbs ea. (25.67 kN)

The Sovereign's Honeywell Epic avionics suite is among the most advanced ever offered in this category of business jet. At the heart of the fully integrated system is the Honeywell Epic system large 8 x 10-inch active matrix color liquid-crystal displays that equip pilots with flight, engine and navigation information.

Year Painted: 2009

Year Interior: 2009

Extreme Crafts
Skip Middleton
Phone: +1-561-989-7400 Ext. 406

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