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2005 EuroCopter ASTAR 350B3

The single engine AS 350 Ecureuil is renowned for its high performance, its safety and its reduced operating costs. The AS 350B3 is "the high performance" version of the single engine Ecureuil range. Powered by a Turbomeca Arriel 2B turbine engine it is equipped with the FADEC system (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). It is totally suited for operations in conditions such as mountainous areas or hot countries or for very demanding missions, performance wise.

Max Weight: 4,960 lbs.
Capacity: 1 Pilot + 5/6 Passengers
Power Plant: 1 Turbomeca ARRIEL 2B1 (350B3)
Fast Cruise Speed: 140kts (350B3)
LH Sliding Door
Cabin Heating/Demisting Circuit
High Skid Landing Gear
Collective Activated Hourmeter
Wire Strike Protection System - Fixed Parts

Transponder GTX327
Altitude Encoder 8800T


Seat Rails Extension for EA Seats - Pilot
Seat Rails Extension for EA Seats - Copilot
Dual Controls w/Twist Grip Throttle
Air Conditioner - Platinum Aviation (rh baggage compartment)
Whelen Strobe Lights - Vertical Fin
Whelen Strobe Lights - Aft Belly Mounted
Aft Baggage Door Mod - DART
Engine Wash Kit w/Wash Bottle
Tail Rotor Guard
Door Springs, LH
Comfort Wedge Window on Sliding Door, LH
Comfort Wedge Window on Sliding Door, RH
Emergency Floats Aerazur - Complete
Wire Strike Protection System - EC - Removable Parts
SFIM VFR 2-Axis Autopilot, including Heading Select, Alt & Airspeed Hold,
Auto Trim, AIM Attitude Indicator, Remote Vertical Gyro

Flight Instruments:
Electric Turn and Bank 2"

NAV Antenna DMN48-1
Diplexer 2 NAV/2 GS DMH69-1
Compass System KCS55A-01
Radar Altimeter KRA10A
Audio Control GMA340H
Headsets, (6) ea Series X
Radio Master
XM Radio Sirrus
TCAS System w/o Display SKY497
Air Data Computer ADC200
Stormscope w/o Indicator WX500
Multifunction Display MX20
Chart View Option MX20
Satellite Datalink GDL69

Corporate Classic Interior Upgrade
Leather Seats Only
Cushions: Caressa Black 921 Onyx
Panels & Seat Shells: Windsor Steel
Flooring: Carpet Navy Grey #38
Accents: Caressa #942 Red

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